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D2D May 5th and 6th

You should be aware of a D2D drop scheduled for delivery on the 5th and 6th of May 2015 on behalf of the Labour Party. Due to the urgency of this contract and the lateness of the formal discussions we have agreed with Royal Mail that they will pay the current pence per item rate appropriate to the delivery unit for the delivery of the items.

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Dog Control Law

The highly successful 'CWU "Bite-Back" Campaign won significant major changes to Dangerous Dogs Laws across the UK during a 7 year campaign. Here is a guide to the changes and an update on the latest developments.

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Royal Mail, Pay 2015

We have received confirmation from Royal Mail that the 2.8 percent pay increase (flowing through to overtime, SA, allowances and London Weighting) will be implemented on the 24th April 2015 for weekly paid staff and on the 30th April for monthly paid.

The delay was due to initial uncertainty over the inflation review clause and the fact that the company had not programmed their payroll systems early enough.

It can also be confirm that the pay increase is backdated to the 6th April (as per the original agreement) and that all backdated monies will be paid on the same dates set out in the first paragraph.

First Time Delivery, Delivery To Neighbour

You should be aware of the National Agreement covering "First Time Delivery, Delivery To Neighbour" and the ongoing work of the Safety, Customer Service & Quality Strand within the Integrated Delivery Programme. As a consequence of this ongoing work we have seen the first time delivery rate rise to approximately 91% on a National basis.

Additionally as part of the ongoing work further initiatives have been explored to support a further increase in 1st Time Delivery in a way which can assist front line OPGs, and where possible make it easier for them to undertake the task.

As a result we have agreed to trial the use of a Bespoke P739 "With your Neighbour Card" in 6 Delivery Offices, who have been selected as a result of the current performance figures, a mixture of good and bad for 1st time delivery. The trial is due to commence at the end of March 2015.

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Royal Mail, joint statement

CWU/Royal Mail Joint Communication National Joint Statement Growth, Efficiency and Incentives. The terms of which emphasis the following key points. Achieving growth is the single most important thing to secure the future of the Postal Industry. The union is willing to address efficiency issues and the statement is designed to cater for the different picture emerging across the UK on workload. It's balanced and is also about addressing and negotiating on our members' concerns over workload as well as those of the company.

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Quadrant Pay

We are very pleased to advise you that we have been successful in negotiating a negotiator's agreement on this years pay award for our Quadrant members. The offer that has been achieved has been endorsed by the Postal Executive for recommendation to the Quadrant membership. The Ballot Papers will be dispatched: Tuesday 25/11/2014 and the ballot closes: Tuesday 09/12/2014 and the recommendation is for a Yes vote.

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Royal Mail Delivery, revision process

Revised Revision Process & Supporting Documents. The remit for one of the Strands of the Integrated Delivery Programme (IDP) is the Revision Process. The need to continue to adapt the delivery operation and to conduct revisions where and when necessary in line with national agreements and procedures was something that we and Royal Mail recognised during the national talks, and it was this that determined the remit for the strand who were tasked to look at a new approach to revisions, the post implementation review (PIR), the model agreement and compliance/audit procedures, which has now been achieved on all fronts.

Please find below a link to the full documentation, which is a large word document.

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Parcelforce, Delivery Options

Parcelforce Joint Statement Regarding The Introduction Of Delivery Options

Branches and representatives will be aware of the activity that has been ongoing since the conclusion of the Parcelforce IT Capability Development Agreement in 2011 and the evolution of IT capability to meet the ever increasing demands that are being made on the business.

The introduction of new Delivery Options is the next step in this process and following discussions with the business the attached Joint Statement has been agreed.

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Parcelforce, CHRISTMAS & Autumn Pressure 2014

Agreement Between CWU And Parcelforce Worldwide On The 2014 Autumn Pressure And Christmas Remuneration Proposals For All CWU Grade Depot Employees

Attached for the information is a copy of the abovementioned agreement, which has been ratified by the Postal Executive.

The agreement for 2014 mirrors those reached in previous years, with payments enhanced in line with the percentages awarded in pay increases since last year. However the one exception is the achievement of the Annual Conference 2014 policy reproduced below which now ensures equality for Parcelforce night workers.

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Please be aware that negotiations have been taking place with the business in respect of the Christmas Arrangements for 2014. Attached for your information is a copy of the agreement that has been concluded and cleared by the Postal Executive.

As in previous years we have acknowledged the USO and the consequential service requirements to meet it. It is anticipated that there will again be a significant number of packets in the system which will require special attention and adequate arrangements to be in place to cope with this increased demand.

The negotiations have included representation from the CWU in regard to Motions carried at Annual Conference 2014 in respect of the possibility of Saturday 27th December being classed as a non service day and the words contained in Para 3.5 in relation to on bank holidays.

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New Process Mail Preparation of DSA & Mailsort Bagged Mech Letters in Mail Centres

Branches and representatives are aware that the department have been, under the Banner of the Processing 'Programme of Works' and the commitment to a more collaborative working model that respects the mutual interests of both Royal Mail and the CWU detailed in the Agenda For Growth, Stability & Long Term Success Agreement, working towards closing the knowledge gap in Mail Centre operations. Equally we have been pursuing a standardised policy approach to addressing the operating/equipment anarchy that had ensued as a result of un-agreed/un-coordinated kit and equipment across the mail centre estate.

The department circulated a comprehensive report/update to Divisional and Area Processing Representatives in April. This update informed our key field activists how the department's strategy was developing as well as acknowledging the support and assistance we were receiving from the field which aided the development of a coherent vision going forward.

It is against this backdrop that we can report that the trial of the New Process Mail Preparation of DSA & Mailsort Bagged Mech Letters for IMP equipment in Mail Centres has been completed and, following evaluation, has been cleared for National deployment by the PEC. The driver for this activity was to increase the utilisation of the kit together with more efficient working and the fact that the trial has worked has resulted in a negative impact in respect of staffing needs. Colleagues will note that any rearrangement of the staffing needs will be subject to all current agreements including and most importantly, the IR Framework.

Please find attached a signed copy of the Joint Statement for the information of Branches and Representatives and have also attached as Annex A a list of the Mail Centres that are currently equipped with IMP technology.

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Parcelforce Worldwide Customer Service Selection Process

Over the past few years we have worked jointly on a range of initiatives to ensure that we adapt and update our processes and procedures to ensure that we keep up with the pace of change in the highly competitive parcels industry, where the quality of the customer service we provide is a key differentiator and puts the customer at the centre of everything we do.

It was agreed that it would be of benefit to all concerned if there was a generic customer service selection process agreement that could be used by all depots, hubs and processing centre sites.

The attached agreement ensures that the selection process will be open to everyone interested in performing work in customer service. There will be a reserve list providing an equal opportunity to develop customer service and admin skills together with an appeals process, which will ensure a fair and transparent selection criteria for all.

The agreement was endorsed by the Postal Executive at its meeting on 5th August and is attached for your information.

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Postbox Strategy Including Collections on Delivery – Joint Communications

Please find attached a detailed Joint Communication that provide clarity around the Postbox Strategy and will enable engagement between the CWU and Royal Mail to now take place at all levels.

It is essential that CWU representatives in all functions including CWU H&S representatives take a joined up approach throughout the deployment of this strategy so that everyone is aware of what everyone else is doing at all times and we retain coordination from start to finish.

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Below is an update for branches on the implementation of the above Agreement and provide guidance on how to address some wider S/A issues, that although not related to the Agreement, are impacting on it in some locations. A full copy is attached below.

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Collections Hub Optimisation & Enhanced Mail Preparation – National Terms of Reference

the National Agreement Agenda for Growth, Stability and Long Term Success committed the Union to the following as part of the Collections Strand of the Integrated Delivery Programme of Works.

Joint development and deployment of new work methods, equipment, processes and structures, including but not limited to, enhanced mail preparation, route consolidation and hub optimisation

Consequently a Collections Joint Working Group was established with representation from both Outdoor & Indoor Departments to progress talks in line with the words contained within the national agreement. More information is attached below.

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Parcelforce 2 new joint statements.

Please be aware that two new joint statements have been agreed with Parcelforce on a number of serious issues associated with the expansion programme, intense competitor activity in the parcel business, the CWU/PFW relationship and the pending introduction of Sunday Deliveries/Seven Day Working. A full report and a full copy of both new joint statements is attached below.

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Logistics National Agreement

Please be aware that Royal Mail has recently completed a tender process for a new Telemetry Product for the Network LGV Fleet. The outcome of the process was that the current Telemetry supplier Isotrak retained the contract albeit on the basis of greatly increased and updated operational specifications and capabilities. A full report and a full copy of the new agreement is attached below.

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The new IR Procedures, including mediation, has gone live on Tuesday 27th May 2014, please find attached a National Joint Statement, which explains some of the issues the parties have been focusing on in order to implement the new arrangements, whilst also confirming that the Contract becomes legally enforceable from the 27th May. Click the link below to read the details.

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Royal Mail - Sunday Services

The CWU has today welcomed the announcement by the Royal Mail Group that it is set to launch new Sunday Services in both Royal Mail and Parcelforce this summer. Click the link below to read the details.

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The NEC has agreed the development of a wholly owned Trade Union law firm (known as Unionline) in partnership with the GMB Union. Click the link below to read the details.

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Post Office Pay

We are pleased to report that a National Agreement has been concluded to settle the Crown dispute and that this agreement has been endorsed by the Postal Executive. Click the link below to read the details.

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Improved Holiday Pay

Please find below a Royal Mail and CWU National Joint Statement confirming arrangements for implementation of improved SA Holiday Pay. Click the link below to read the details.

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Efficiency Talks

An update for Royal Mail and CWU Branches, Representatives and members on a range of efficiency discussions taking place with Royal Mail. Click the link below to read the details.

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Long Term Fatigue Study of the Delivery Role

Please find attached a copy of the initial findings of the study which have been anonymised are attached and there will be further studies and we are considering studies being carried out during the peak summer months when it is expected to be hotter, although as we are all aware that can't be guaranteed.

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Motion 30

Following the carriage of motion 30 (attached) at last year's Postal Conference, the department has been involved in discussions with Royal Mail in recent months regarding this matter and also a number of other driver initiatives/issues.

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Please find attached a copy of Appendix A of the National Agreement which is the final version of the Legal Contract between the Royal Mail Group and the CWU.

This document contains the legally binding elements of the main agreement and these have been drawn up as a formal legal contract between the national parties.

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The Postal Executive has unanimously agreed a proposed landmark Agreement with the Royal Mail Group entitled Agenda for Growth, Stability and Long Term Success.

The proposed agreement breaks new ground in the UK by incorporating extensive legally binding protections for employees, alongside a legally enforceable commitment by both parties to exhaust new Industrial Relations procedures before either party resort to unilateral action.

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As part of the overall settlement of the National Dispute the Postal Executive has unanimously agreed a separate legally binding proposed agreement on pensions, a copy of which is attached.

The proposed Agreement confirms the amended RMPP proposal and will ensure that the RMPP (Defined Benefit) Scheme has greater protection for the future; at the same time we have secured major improvements to the RMDCP (Defined Contribution) Scheme, which now has over 35,000 members.

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